About Dr. Ruby

Dr Ruby Ahuja is a Consultant Psychologist, with over 18 years of experience. She is a Senior Psychologist at the Paras Bliss Hospital since, April 2015 Consultant with Mind Peace Psychiatric Clinic, since, March’ 2014, Consultant with Jindal Clinics since’ May 2012. She has been recognized by various communities and associations for her influence and growth in the field of psychology. She works with organizations, teams, families, couples, and individuals to foster improved communication and solution-based strategies that allow positive outcomes for many. She has devoted much of her career to helping people find the necessary mental health resources for their needs.

Dr Ruby has been associated with various schools and has been doing extensive work with children and adolescents and families on many growth and developmental issues. She has set up learning centres, admission procedures and camps at these schools. She has done extensive work in the field of DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES, CHILD MENTAL HEALTH, AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER, CEREBRAL PALSY, PARENTING, SEXUALITY EDUCATION, STRESS MANAGEMENT, ADHD, LEARNING DISABILITIES and BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS among many more. She conducts seminars and workshops on the parent as well as teacher training on various mental health issues. Dr Ruby has conducted many Workshops and Training Courses for Teachers, Professionals, And Parents covering various issues pertaining to Learning Disabilities – Awareness, Intervention And Advocacy.

She does regular therapy and counseling sessions for various psychosocial problems for children as well as adults.

Dr Ruby has been featured in prominent scientific national and international magazines, newspapers, as well as on Radio and TV Channels like AAJ TAK, News 18 etc.

Her Collaborative Research Work

  • Child rearing practices of parents from different socio-economic strata (Aug.- Dec. 1997) wherein the awareness among parents regarding the feeding, weaning, toilet-training and acquisition of functional skills in children was focussed upon
  • Leisure-time activities during childhood (Feb.- May 1998) wherein the time-use profile & structuring of leisure-time activities by children in different types of schools were the main focus of study
  • Dependence on spouse in old age, which gave an insight into the time-use profile of the aged
  • Extensive experience in exploring and developing a new curriculum for school at the junior level, writing research papers and organising workshops

Research Papers

  • Title: “Frustration and perceived Parent-Child-Relationship” in a UGC sponsored seminar in Government College sec-46 Chandigarh on the 4th March’09
  • Presented a paper “Parent-Child-Relationship and Anger” at a one-day seminar on ‘Recent Perspectives in Positive Psychology’ organized by Panjab University, Chandigarh on Feb, 9th, 08
  • Presented a paper on “Flexibility and Rigidity of Science and Arts teachers with increasing years of their teaching” at one day UGC sponsored seminar in Govt College for Men Sec-11, Chandigarh, on March’ 2009

International Conference

  • Actively Participated in “International Conference on ISSBD-International Society for Study of Behavioural Disorders.

Other Experiences

  • Case Study Presentation – Worked with physically challenged and learning disabled children to study their overall personality and their developmental status
  • Pre – School Presentation – The Master’s Program gained experience of planning, participation and supervising the activities of pre-school children thereby giving a feel of developmental crisis, challenges and needs associated with early childhood along with improving my communication and organizing skills
  • Organized a team workshop on Research Methodology for Prof. Reed Larson, Department of Human and Community Development, University of Illinois, U.S.A
  • Organized an exhibition, where the exhibits made by the mentally challenged were displayed

Memberships and Associations

  • Member of Indian Association for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  • Member of ISSBD- International Society for Study of Behavioural Development
  • Indian Association of Heath, Research and Welfare
  • Indian Association of Psychology and Mental Health
  • The Learning Community

Awards and Recognition

  • Been awarded “Rashtriya Gaurav Award” on 15th Aug 2018

Written a Chapter in the Book '10 secrets your parents will never share"

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