Internship Programs

Though a good theoretical knowledge of a subject is important, mastery of its practical applications is equally important. Internship, which involves practical experience in a clinical environment with real patients, gives you valuable insight into the diagnostic processes, assessment methods and other important variables. The internship also helps you evaluate your own personality before entering the field in a professional capacity. In the course of this internship, you learn how to apply abstract classroom theories in real-life situations. Your internship experience adds substantial weight to your CV as hands-on professional experience alone demonstrates your skills and helps you get a good job.

Internship Program Objectives

  • Training on intake report and diagnostic assessment skills.
  • To provide knowledge and practical skills in a clinical setting.
  • Developing skills in psychometric assessment and therapeutic interventions
  • Cultivating professional clinical interaction skills with patients.
  • Appreciation of skills like listening, helping, empathy, respect, genuineness and warmth
  • Direct patient interaction to cultivate an understanding of clinical settings and building rapport with patients.
  • Hands on training of rating scales and other assessment tools

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